Stainless Steel & Quality Fabric

HEYTRIP double hammock features a stainless steel spreader bar design, can support up to 450 lbs, no moldy or deformed problem anymore. Besides, the camping hammock is made of 600D Oxford Fabric, which is a durable, breathable, and comfortable 2 Person Hammock

Extra Large for Two Person

The hammock bed’s dimension is 90.5" x 55"(LxW), the length from ring to ring is 118", larger than other hammocks; The heavy duty hammock is designed for sharing, you can enjoy a relaxing swing on the hammock with your family, friend and your love-one!

Take n Go

This portable hammock bundled size is 15"x11"x3.7"(LxWxH)and weighs 6.5 lbs only. You can hang it on your backpack and take it to anywhere you want, perfect for camping, travel, hunting or other outdoor activities.

Double-Sided Pocket Design

Heytrip Hammocks come in 2 side pockets, great for placing water bottles, phones, keys, flashlights and more! With the two side pockets, you can easily store and access your personal belongings while relaxing in the hammock

Escape the everyday and embrace relaxation with our luxurious hammocks. Discover the perfect spot to unwind and recharge in nature's embrace.

How we started in 2020

Have you been messed up by millions of outdoor goods and tips?
Have you ever felt annoying when you had to set up all that complicate stuffs?
Have you given up when you thought the outdoors was not for you?

We team 4 have experienced all these unhappy when we were so new to this field, so we know how that feel, which was the very beginning of Heytrip.

Due to the Pandemic, we lost lots of things in 2020. To get rid of the dismay and stay healthy, we decided to escape from the urban areas, to hit the road and see the USA in fresh. 4857 miles, 8 states, for 9 weeks, we spent most time in car camping, which turned us from “Nothing” into “Something”. After this reformation, we started to fulfill the thought during the trip —— why not make the road trip more available?

Thus, at the end of the same year, Heytrip was built for providing the most versatile solutions to help the ones who are about to hit the road with new participants, who are ready to make a difference to their lives but get stuck by the numerous options, and who keep curious on what a better soul and experiences are on their way.

As we go further, we’re trying to extend the meaning of the “Available”, from the most easy-to-setup products to increasing the diversity of outdoor participants.Though we’re born around reinforced concrete, we are long to explore by nature anyway. No matter how far you plan to go, with or without friends, beginners or experts, finally we’ll find our own ways to define “Outdoor”.


Be the first option for tripping, make going outdoors a simple decision.
Break the barriers for new participants and increasing the diversity of outdoor participants

collab with us

Helper to Beginners outdoors

Provide the most versatile solutions and easy-to-setup gear for beginners.